9 months with henry grant

You spent nine months growing inside mama and today marks nine months you’ve been growing earth side. 

I marvel at the fact that your dad and I created you. That I birthed you and brought you into this world. I don’t think it will ever cease to amaze me. 

You’re not the tiny baby we brought home nine months ago. You’re getting bigger every day wearing 9 month clothes and 18-24 months shoes. You’ve got big some big feet kiddo.

You love music and singing. So many different sounds come out of your sweet little mouth on the regular now. When a musical scene in a movie or TV show comes on you stop whatever you’re doing to stare in wonder and delight, especially when you recognize the song. 

You are mobile now scooting all over the house at a rapid rate. You often get up in a crawling position throughout the day but haven’t full on crawled quite yet. Just yesterday you started really trying to pull yourself up on the ottoman. 

I was so worried that you weren’t able to stay sitting up on your own but now you’ve got that down too. It was just a matter of time and practice. You’ve figured out how to clap your hands and still love rolling. You love playing with any kind of ball, especially now that you can sit-up. 

Sesame Street still reigns supreme but you’re branching out to other shows like Daniel Tiger and Dinosaur Train. You love being read to no matter the book and always try to put it in your mouth. Board books are essential right now. You love your brothers’ hand-me-down Little People and stuffed Elmo. 

You still don’t get to be around a lot of people thanks to the pandemic but I’m pretty sure you’re an extrovert. You love FaceTime and get a perplexed look on your face when someone makes a regular call and you can’t see them. You got to meet your Nana Pam in person last week and loved spending time with her. You can’t get enough of your brothers or your puppies. 

You’re a happy boy with a smile that lights up any room. Dad and I are so grateful we get to be your parents. Happy Valentine's Day and nine months little dude!

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