if senior year were a mix CD, tracks 1-4


I don't want another pretty face 
I don't want just anyone to hold 
I don't want my love to go to waste 
I want you and your beautiful soul 

You're the one I wanna chase 
You're the one I wanna hold 
I won't let another minute go to waste 
I want you and your beautiful soul 
Your beautiful soul, yeah... 

Jesse McCartney’s one-hit-wonder Beautiful Soul fades into the crisp, Pacific Northwest air as the clock in Keely’s Mercedes station wagon clicks over to 12:05pm. Lunch is almost over. Time to pack up our peanut butter sandwich scraps and head to class.

8 months with henry grant

Eight months sounds like a long time ago, and yet somehow, you're already that old. You’re still a baby but I know that soon we’ll blink and you’ll suddenly be a toddler. You’re sitting up on your own more and scooting all day long. Today you’ve done several push-ups and I can tell your legs will follow suit soon. 

Over the past two months your eating has dramatically improved. We no longer dread feeding time and you’re getting closer to the fifth percentile for weight! Without fail, every time we give you your first bite of solid food you get this highly skeptical look on your face like you’re just sure it’s going to taste awful. 

You have a nose like daddy and get stuffed up easily. You HATE having your boogers sucked out and scream so loud our ears hurt afterwards. You’re wearing 6-9 month and 6-12 month size clothes. Baby Gap and Carter’s seem to fit you the best. Mommy loves getting you dressed up for church and thrifting clothes for you at Other Mothers.