choosing gratitude over the if only's

If only I didn’t need sleep 
If only we didn’t need my income 
If only we could afford help 
If only I didn’t need to work 
If only your brothers could be with us 
If only Grammy was still here 
If only it was easy to eat healthy 
If only there were more hours in the day 
If only, if only, if only... 

My sweet Henry boy, there will always be “if only’s” in life. If you focus solely on them you’ll always feel sorry for yourself and dissatisfied. Instead, acknowledge the “if only’s” and then move on. Spend your time finding all the good in your life. Even when you’re struggling there are always blessing to be found. 

Be grateful. 

I’m grateful my mental health has been stable postpartum 
I’m grateful I can work from home so I can take care of you and do meaningful work I enjoy 
I’m grateful we’re all staying healthy 
I’m grateful for my education and ability to earn an income 
I’m grateful your dad is such an awesome partner to me and father to you 
I’m grateful to have had a mom who taught me the value of motherhood 
I’m grateful your dad and I are working together to be healthier 
I’m most grateful that I get to be your mom 

Happy 4 months little dude. It’s a little over an hour late but mama had to stay up and work and then feed you. That’s my life right now and you’re worth every sleepless, exhausting minute. I love you, Henry Grant.

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