10 affordable plus-size tops for spring under $30

Things have gotten a little gloomy over here in my corner of the internet. So much of my blog has been devoted to processing my mom's death. While that's been extremely helpful for me (and I know will continue...sorry not sorry), I'm going to switch things up and talk about a bit lighter subject today. Shopping (and of course body image because this post can't be too light)!

I've followed Natalie Borton and Caitlin Kruse on Instagram for years. I love both of their personal styles and weekly try-ons via Instagram stories. However, both of these lovely ladies have very different body shapes than my own. So I've been on the hunt for some additional style inspiration from bloggers who are size 12 or above.

I'm happy to report that through Natalie and Caitlin's Instagram try-on sessions, I've found some fabulous (new to me) fashion bloggers in my size range! Three of my favorites include: Rebecca from Mommy in Heels, Ashley Dorough, and Maddy Gutierrez. I'm grateful that brands and bloggers are becoming more size inclusive. Every body deserves to be loved and celebrated.

thank you for needing me

Neither of us is good at waiting. Patience is certainly not our strong suit. I admit I kinda love that about you. It makes me feel understood in some strange, meaningful way.

As I sit here trying to work on a freelance assignment while you nudge my arm asking for loves, I can't help but be grateful that you need me. You could be sleeping on the couch in the living room with dad but instead you're lying on the hardwood floor next to my desk chair.

I'm in a waiting period. I have been since shortly after we got you. I know it won't always be just you, me, and daddy. One day we will be blessed with the human sister we all talk about so much. She will become your new best friend.