31 years of marriage

Today my parents celebrated 31 years of marriage. I'm very grateful to have grown up in a home where both of my parents loved each other and were as committed to each other as they were in raising me and my siblings. Both of those things were, and still are, great blessings in my life.

I understand marriage differently now that I'm also married. My parents aren't perfect. I learned that along time ago. I too am not perfect and neither is my husband. My parents' marriage isn't perfect. Neither is mine. Being perfect isn't what it's all about anyway.

For me, being married and having a good, strong marriage is about choosing to love my partner every single day--through the good, bad, and all the in-between. It's about supporting each other and being united as husband and wife.

My parents have been through a lot in their 31 years of marriage. Raising three kids is no easy feat. Together they've bought and sold houses, been through promotions and layoffs, and tackled a slew of medical and financial challenges. Through it all I've never doubted that my parents love each other. I'm grateful for their example and for what they taught me about the value of marriage.

Marriage isn't easy but it is the greatest blessing in my life. I know my parents feel the same about each other and their marriage. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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