confessions of an impatient bride

Being patient is not something I'm good at. But who really is? Maybe there are a few token people out there who claim to possess the evasive virtue but I'm certainly not one of them. My tendency towards perfectionism combined with my intense affinity for planning make for a pretty fun combination. I'm good at driving myself a little crazy.

Lucky for me, I have a very patient man as my partner on this fun adventure known as wedding planning. When I'm a bundle of anxious energy he reminds me to relax and puts everything back into the right perspective. He listens to me rattle on about all of our different options, obstacles, and everything in between.

We're starting to plan and are getting closer to setting a wedding date. Last weekend we went and looked at some potential venues and this weekend I'm going to go look at a few more. No matter what approach you take, I'm finding that weddings cost a good chunk of money and take a significant amount of work to put together. It's one thing to go crazy pinning wedding ideas on Pinterest and quite another to actual plan the real thing.

Back in January shortly after getting engaged, I read a book by Meg Keene called A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration. It was an excellent read that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is recently engaged and planning a wedding.

One of the key points the author reiterated throughout the book is that what you'll remember most about your wedding is how it felt not how it looked. As Dale and I work together to figure out crucial details like what kind of reception we want to have and how much we're able and willing to spend on all the different elements, I'm trying to keep this perspective in mind.

At the end of the day and for years to come, I know that my memories won't focus on the centerpieces, tablecloths, or food. I want to remember things like the smile on my parents' faces, the warmth and love I know we will feel in the sealing room, and the look in Dale's eyes when we officially become husband and wife.

I want to have a nice, pretty wedding that reflects us as a couple and provides an enjoyable experience for the family and friends we are able to invite. But I also don't want to spend more money than our budget allows or be so stressed out that I don't fully experience or enjoy our special day.

This is an exciting and overwhelming time. I know we'll get everything figured out and planned it's just not as quickly as my little planner brain would like--and that's ok. I'm always in a hurry and waiting isn't a bad thing. Some days are harder than others, but as Dale reminds me often, we're getting closer.

Patience is definitely one of those lessons I know I'll be learning over and over in life. I'm sure Heavenly Father gets a kick out of me and all the angst I can create for myself. Waiting is worth it as long as in the end I get to marry the most amazing man I have ever known.

One day soon I will become Mrs. Earl. I can hardly wait!

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