5 pinterest recipe success stories

cajun chicken pasta

I think one of the greatest things about being a couple is cooking together. Dale is a really good cook and I'm not too shabby either. Cooking together has been something we enjoy doing together since we started dating. In fact, for our third date we made dinner for my family in Spokane.

Now that we live in the same city, we make dinner together almost every night. We make a menu each week and, as part of that process, enjoy scouring Pinterest for new recipes to try. Here are five Pinterest recipes we've made and enjoyed over the past few months:

Cajun Chicken Pasta
I really liked this pasta dish. It wasn't Dale's most favorite but he still enjoyed it. The recipe is rather heavy so I think next time we'll try to lighten it up a bit. For some reason I thought we should double the recipe so we ended up having quite a bit of leftovers. The verdict is still out on whether or not this dish will reheat well.

Porcupines in a Skillet 
My mom recommended this recipe to us after she and my dad made it for the first time. I love that it's a one pot meal and can be thrown together easily. Since it's just the two of us, we had enough leftover to take for lunch the next day.

Bacon Mushroom Frittata
I bought a cast iron skillet a few weeks ago and used this recipe for my first attempt at making a frittata. Thanks to Dale's help it turned out pretty delicious. In my book, you can't really go wrong if a dish has bacon. 

Larb Gai
Larb Gai is rather labor intensive and requires some unique ingredients, so be sure to plan ahead before you make this recipe. My family really likes this recipe and I decided it would be a fun meal to make for Valentine's Day. The only thing I forgot to get to complete the meal--fortune cookies.

Honey Sriracha Chicken
We like anything with a little spice and this chicken did not disappoint. Served over rice with broccoli it made for a delicious dinner and lunch the next day. Sriracha fans should enjoy this one. 

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