state of mind: 4 interesting articles I read this week

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Fridays are for sharing interesting articles on a variety of topics. Here are four pieces I read this week:

A Dozen Duke City Things You Should Do With Your Dog - Newscastic
We don't have a dog yet but I can't wait to do lots of these fun activities in ABQ once we do! Last week we discovered there's a dog park not too far from our house.

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married - The New York Times
Dale and I asked each other variations of a lot of these questions when we first started dating. As we prepare to get married this year the conversation continues.  

The Woe of Being Labeled a Pit Bull - PBS NEWSHOUR
There are a lot of pit bulls in New Mexico shelters and until meeting Dale, I probably would never have considered adopting one. But thanks to articles like this and Dale sharing his experience owning a wonderful pit bull named Maggie, I have a different point of view now. 

How Mitt Romney and the Mormons Saved the “Never Trump” Movement - The New Yorker
No matter your political views, this is an insightful read. And yes, obviously because I'm Mormon and lived in Utah for several years, it caught my eye. It's going to be very interesting to see how this presidential race turns out.

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