new beginnings in new mexico

I experienced the Southwest for the first time last September when Dale and I went house hunting. I admit that when we first arrived and even as we flew back home to Washington a few days later, I had real doubts about my ability to fit in and actually like living in New Mexico. From the culture to the landscape, everything felt unfamiliar and foreign.

I've touted myself as a Pacific Northwest native but a Midwest girl at heart after living in Chicago for three years going to grad school. I never felt like I fit the Pacific Northwest profile and, even though I missed my family, living in Chicago felt like coming home...until now.

While a part of me will always feel like a Midwest girl despite my PNW roots, I couldn't be happier about calling the Land of Enchantment my new home. In a short time I've come to love the desert sunshine, sprawling mesas, and majestic Sandias. Plus, the food here does not disappoint (stay tuned for numerous blog posts about Dale's and my favorite places) and everyone I meet, from the deli counter guy at Smith's to the UNM parking attendant, is genuinely friendly and welcoming.

In my adult life I've moved to places knowing very few to absolutely no people. Every new beginning has brought its own challenges and rewards, but what's different this go-around is that I get to share this new beginning with a man I love with all of my heart.

Dale's and my new life together in New Mexico officially started the day he proposed to me on the top of Sandia Peak. He told me he wanted to do it some place special that we could visit again and take our kids to someday. Every morning on my drive to work I see signs and billboards for the Sandia Peak Tramway, which makes me smile and think about that special day.

As a soon-to-be wife and stepmom embracing life in New Mexico, I've decided to retire West Hawthorne Place and start this new blog. Life Enchanted will be about everything from planning our wedding and owning our first home together to exploring local restaurants and parenting two amazing boys. I hope you enjoy reading about all my new adventures and experiences! 

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  1. Ole' ❤️😊❤️ Great post! Happy about your new Blog!! Love You Rissy!! 💋💋 Auntie