vacation here we come

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So guess what...Dale and I are going on a vacation! Last night we booked our tickets for a little trip to L.A. in July. We both need a vacation and it's so nice having something to look forward to doing together.

The Dodgers are Dale's favorite team and I've never been to Dodger Stadium, so we'll be taking in a couple of Dodgers games, including being there for Mormon Night (something Dale has always wanted to do). I can't wait to get a real Dodgers jersey and experience Dodger Stadium for the first time. Dale has many amazing qualities, but I have to say I'm super excited to be marrying a guy who loves baseball as much as I do.

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Me being me, I've already created a Pinterest board and started the search for a new swimsuit. I'm excited to visit the beach and just relax. While I love living in the Southwest, Katy Perry was right when she said "nothing comes close to the Golden Coast."

And of course, in-between baseball and the beach, we'll certainly be finding some delicious places to eat. I know by the time July rolls around I'll have a very long list of possibilities.

Hooray for getting to take a summer vacation...L.A. here we come!

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